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  1. Welcome to the new Fiesta ST Transmission & Drivetrain forum
  2. Transmission(transaxle) model number needed, also if used in other cars, thanks:)
  3. Thanks for the new forum dedicated to the drivetrain:)
  4. "LSD" option I can make happen and soon, read full post before commenting please:)
  5. Service manual needed for Fist transaxle....
  6. How many have experienced issues shifting into first gear?
  7. LSD Installation Thread
  8. Gear noise?
  9. Cobb Rear Motor Mount for Fiesta ST - Installed Review
  10. Clutch Line
  11. Weird Clutch feel
  12. BRGT350 interview with Ford SVT engineer about FiST engine/gearbox
  13. Interested in OS Giken LSD?
  14. Throttle Hold Between Shifts?
  15. Cobb Rear Motor Mount for Fiesta ST Install Video by ModBargains.com
  16. Cobb rmm vs powerflex rmm
  17. Quaife LSD on order:)
  18. VIDEO: Why your FiST really needs that Rear Motor Mount Upgrade
  19. Clutch Clunking Noise
  20. Cobb AP flat foot shifting
  21. Simple mod to raise shifter for better reach and fixing arm rest to elbow issue
  22. RAAM short shifter, one of a kind, free mod:)
  23. RAAM raising the shifter, part 1, hardest part done!
  24. Broken shifter linkage
  25. Boomba transmission bracket
  26. Boomba RMM review
  27. Riding the clutch
  28. Boomba Racing Shifter Bracket Bushings Install.
  29. So you wanted a heavy shift knob?
  30. Looks like there are shifter cage bushings too
  31. 3J NXG Plated Differetial
  32. Plated LSD? Anybody with experience with them, I have a Quaife but as always, a mod addict.....
  33. drivetrain dimensions anyone?
  34. Smoother and more accurate shifts, Motul 300 Gear Lube is a low cost easy mod and worth it:)
  35. JBR Heavy Shift Knob Review
  36. M12X1.25 Pitch 3.5" 15 Degrees Bent Shifter Extension
  37. New clutch?
  38. Rough Shifting
  39. Wavetrac LSD in development for the Fiesta ST
  40. 2015 Mustang shift knob in Fiesta ST?
  41. Mountune just released their RMM (roll resistor)
  42. Cobb Accessport Adjustable Traction Control
  43. 3rd Gear Not Engaging Fully??
  44. FoST Ford Racing Short Shifter --> Fit our FiST?
  45. Shift from 1st to 2nd really difficult? Anyone?
  46. Steering wheel bump feedback
  47. CP-E Torque Resistor (RMM) Installed
  48. awd swap??????
  49. WARNING Euro Spec Owners - Boomba Racing Short Shift Lever
  50. Recommend me tranny fluid
  51. Uprated axels
  52. Stock clutch limits?
  53. Cobb RMM
  54. Racing transmission?
  55. Short Throw/Bushings
  56. Transmission whine
  57. VIDEO - RMM Requirement Demonstration
  58. Broke something...its not pretty...
  59. Shift Effort
  60. FSWERKS New Short Shift Kit Released
  61. Best RMM available?
  62. Shifter Cable Popped off
  63. Didn't put in the Cobb RMM washer....
  64. Shifting all gears has moved over to the right about an inch.
  65. FiST doesn't roll back on hills?
  66. Transmission whine/howling resolved!
  67. Video - How manual transmission works
  68. Yet another drivetrain whine thread
  69. "Clunky" Transmission
  70. Upshift Arrow
  71. Clutch pedal lost pressure
  72. Noisy Dual Mass Flywheel?
  73. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Clicking Clutch Conclusion
  74. Question on installing Cobb RMM
  75. HELP! Stock RMM Bracket not coming off
  76. Girlfriend surprised me!
  77. Fiesta 1.0 Mountune roll resistor
  78. FSWERKS short shift vs. Boomba short shift
  79. Setting higher idle rpm with Cobb RMM
  80. Powerflex RMM large bushing installed!
  81. Flywheels
  82. Steeda Fiesta Short Throw Shifter
  83. Another tranny noise thread...
  84. Accidentally shifted into 3rd instead of 5th
  85. oil change failure...
  86. Rev's in 4th gear?
  87. What's the reason behind the complexity of the clutch pedal?
  88. The fiesta gods hate me.
  89. Gear ratios
  90. Installed Boomba transmission adapter + bracket bushings...
  91. Boomba vs. Mountune Shift Adapters
  92. Quaife LSD - Who is interested?
  93. 0w40 thoughts?
  94. The true cost on an LSD?
  95. fswerks short throw shift adapter review
  96. Clutch HP limits
  97. Broke a vacuum quick connector... Can somewhat tell me what this is?
  98. New Mileage Numbers
  99. SITH Racing - Developing Upper Motor and Transmission Mount Set for FiST
  100. Anyone try the CP-E Flex rear motor mount?
  101. Another RMM Question
  102. Cobb and Boomba RMM Review
  103. RMM and vibration
  104. Clutch
  105. Gearbox popping out of 2nd into neutral
  106. Need help to soften my shifter!
  107. Powerflex RMM bushing *short review*
  108. Transmission Have an oil Pump?
  109. No reverse
  110. FSWERKS short shift and solid bushings review
  111. So I'm pretty sure I may have just wrecked my clutch...
  112. Stock RMM
  113. Fixed Stripped Thread. Hopefully Nobody else has to do this...
  114. Broke stud while install Cobb RMM
  115. 1st Gear Lateral G Misalignment?
  116. Autotech Wavetrac diff?
  117. Ravenol MTF-2 fluid change
  118. Help. flywheel & clutch torque specs?
  119. Possible Slave Cylinder Leak?
  120. absolute SHORTEST throw shifter hardware for FiST??
  121. Mountune vs. Cobb Motor Mount
  122. Cobb motor mount
  123. Mountune Quick shift install
  124. High temperature clutch engagement
  125. FSWerks Short Shift Kit Review
  126. Full Shifter customization... questions that needs clear answers... or discussions..?
  127. Dealership recommendation question
  128. Making a ratcheting sound that echos of cars while in gear but drives fine...
  129. Anyone experimented with gear sizes or a different transmission?
  130. Clunky, noisy transmission
  131. Review of my filled RMM
  132. COBB RMM problems
  133. How often do you check your RMM?
  134. RMM: Stock --> cp-e --> Mountune
  135. cp-e RMM Review
  136. Missed a gear, wrench light on, bad whine
  137. Mountune RMM
  138. Has anyone tried the Torque Solution Billet RMM?
  139. RMM Torque Numbers
  140. Cobb RMM vs Boomba RMM
  141. Transmission fluid change
  142. Transmission Rebuilds
  143. OEM clutch durability
  144. Gear Lockout and grind
  145. Broke 3 motor mounts including my cobb rmm at once in one launch.
  146. First mods, rmm
  147. Should I really be launching the FiST?
  148. Question about RMM "break in"
  149. Clutch feels less aggressive in stop and go commute
  150. Advice on FS Werks short shift
  151. Think clutch just let go need help..
  152. Fidanza 9.5 pound flywheel - good or not?
  153. MFactory Helical LSD
  154. Vibration in 2nd and 3rd gear?
  155. Re-enabling Reverse Lockout mechanism
  156. HELP! Boomba racing 20% reduction shifter plate won't fit 2016 FiST!
  157. Had to replace the axle on my FiST. Oil came out, is it gear oil or transmission fluid?
  158. Mountune shifter owners! Get in here.
  159. short shifter 'plates'
  160. Quick Question
  161. Help
  162. Mountune Quaife Deal
  163. rear motor mount
  164. Verifying RMM is installed correctly?
  165. stub axle bolt torque settings
  166. Clutch pickup point changed?
  167. Redline MTL
  168. Diy filled motor mounts
  169. Boomba short throw Shifter help........
  170. Some Questions About Stock Vs. Aftermarket Flywheels for the FiST
  171. More Positive Shifting: Let's get to the nitty gritty
  172. Gauging interest: M factory updated CV axle shafts.
  173. Replacement Reverse Lockout Part #
  174. Boomba Ultimate Shift Package installed!
  175. Almost money shifted, question inside.
  176. LSD and Final Drive Installation
  177. Options for Shifter Extension?
  178. Re-use OEM motor mount?
  179. Cannot get rid of wrench light
  180. Time for my first mod.
  181. Dreaded trans whine
  182. axle replacement how to??
  183. Cheap clutch replacement help
  184. transaxle drain plug size?
  185. Shifter cable/bracket bushings in newer models.
  186. Mechanical LSD
  187. Why hasn't anyone gone the route of running a Sadev transmission?
  188. [EMERGENY] Do the heat shield bolts hold any oil related pieces?
  189. Heat Shield PSA
  190. IB6 gearbox fluid specs for NON USDM/NA market FiSTs??
  191. axle seal@ transmission seal
  192. CV boot already ripped at 12k miles
  193. Awr rmm
  194. Fiesta ST at Transmission Shop
  195. Shudder when downshifting and whine at 65 mph.
  196. I think my axle seal has failed, pics inside
  197. How bad is FFS for your transmission?
  198. Mountune RMM vs AWR RMM for DD
  199. Boomba ultimate shift kit with autocross problems?
  200. What Clutches to Use?
  201. CP-E PSMM and DSMM Released!
  202. Powerflex Motor Mount Inserts
  203. Pierce Motorsports KAAZ LSD, anyone have one?
  204. Troubling Trans Noise from Relatively New FiST
  205. Quick Short Shifter, worth it?
  206. ST200 Clutch upgraded over ST180?
  207. Clutch and/or Transmission Squeal
  208. chatter noise when letting clutch out in 2nd and third gear
  209. anyone use a torque solutions rmm damper? on the fiesta ?
  210. Can't win with my dealer...
  211. Torque specs needed
  212. Motor mount R&R
  213. RMM Comparison Pics
  214. HELP Heavy Chatter - New Clutch, Slave, and Pressure Plate. WHERE DID I GO WRONG?
  215. AWR Mount - Reviews?
  216. Best RMM for a DD?
  217. transmission bolt pattern info
  218. Grind from 1st to 2nd only under hard acceleration
  219. Trouble getting into 1st gear
  220. Mountune Quick Shift "Pinch Bolts"
  221. Turbo Tech Racing Upper Mounts
  222. Replacing my clutch/flywheel today
  223. SOS! Post Clutch Replacement
  224. Clutch slippage
  225. New 2017 FiST, 500 miles....clunk clunk on shift...
  226. Intermittent 1st Gear Shudder
  227. Will not go into gear.
  228. Boomba Short Shifter instal - Reverse Lockout problem.
  229. Money shifted into 1st, but no obvious damage. Next steps?
  230. Anyone seen this bearing fail before?
  231. Alternative to Mountune quick shifter puller tool?
  232. Clutch Reccomendation
  233. From the Manual; Jacking, RMM, Transmission Removal, Fluid change, Clutch & Bleeding
  234. Damm Reverse
  235. Motul dctf or 300?
  236. Change to 2017 Rear Motor Mount?
  237. Greasy transmission
  238. Mountune Rear Motor Mount Change?
  239. Mountune Quick Shift Kit not for 2014 FiST???
  240. Boosted Designs solid bracket bushings
  241. New Performance Clutch kit option!
  242. 1st to 2nd gear shuddering?
  243. PSA: Powerflex passenger side transmission mount FAILED
  244. Any Experience with Short Shift Kit and Extension?
  245. RMM for the 2013 FiST. First mod of the car.
  246. Who has done a light flywheel?
  247. Gear selector mechanism on transmission has lots of free play - is it normal?
  248. Found this cool $50 short shift kit - guy makes them himself - Mojo Mfg.
  249. TTR Engine and trans mount install
  250. Reasonable solutions for traction and torque steer on daily driver Stage 1 car