View Full Version : Sync 3 and Nexus 5X

03-09-2017, 09:28 PM
Just thought I'd see if anyone else had this issue. My car was one of the first 2016 models, so one of the first with Sync 3 at the end of Sept 2015. My 2013 model Moto X worked great with the Sync 3 system. Always paired, notified me of texts, and rang when a call was incoming and worked with the rare audio stream I did. That's about the extent that I normally use my phone for in the car, but it's handy to have for phone calls. Moto X was getting old and crashing often so I replaced it with a 2014 model Moto G. That phone was absolute garbage, but it did always work like the Moto X. Only had it for a couple months and then decided on the Nexus 5X this past July or so. It works for a couple days, then it will decide to go ahead and stop auto syncing when the phone is in the car and you start it up. I can go into the phone's bluetooth settings to manually pair it and it may reconnect a couple more times automatically and then stop again. A reboot of the phone also works. When it is connected it doesn't always work as it should. Doesn't really notify of texts, and often says there's an unread text when there isn't. If I could get it to auto connect the text thing really isn't something I care that much about. I believe I have tried deleting the phone from sync and sync from the phone before.

The 5X isn't listed as a supported device which is odd because it was out at the time of the Sync 3 launch. I do have the latest Sync 3 update too and that didn't change anything. If newer phones aren't going to be supported infotainment systems will age really quickly in cars that are meant to last awhile, while phones get replaced every 1-2 years by most people.