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I am very interested in this. I just installed my Whoosh Motorsports FMIC and Mishimoto IC piping bringing me to Stage 2. I had been running the Modern Automotive Performance Stage 1 93 oct flash tune. I flashed the Cobb OTS stage 2 93 oct tune but it almost seems slower now on the butt dyno. Might flash back to the MAP stage 1 tune for now.
Just about any real tune will beat a Cobb stage THREE OTS tune... Put it this way, stages are just Cobb's marketing thing anyway, all that really matters is if you have an upgraded IC then a tuner can go a little more aggressive knowing you will get your get your charge air cooled without hitting knock/limp or whatever... So that said, my tune from another vendor is set for 26 PSI, which is right at the very edge of safe, I think Jason here tunes for a 25 PSI target, but Cobb, stage THREE has only a 21.5 PSI target, LOL... Of course there is more to it than just boost, but heck yeah your MAP tune is gonna be way better and Jason's new tune will really shine! :)

I appreciate Cobb for cracking the ECU's/creating the AP's and some quality bolt on's, but they are just completely far too safe and paranoid to really tune right for power!