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    Fiestadam's 2017 Fiesta ST Build

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    With Spring fast approaching I have decided to start a build thread! I picked up my Shadow Black 2017 Fiesta ST between Christmas and New Years. My previous vehicle was a 2010 F150 which I loved but it was just too impractical for a daily driver for me. I had been debating a Fiesta ST since I went for a test drive in 2015 but at the time I couldn't justify a purchasing a new vehicle. I couldn't be anymore ecstatic about finally pulling the trigger. The only option I didn't get is the sunroof; being 6'2 I wanted as much head room as possible. I would like to go big turbo in the future when I have the funds but for now I would like to be somewhere around stage 3 by spring of 2019.

    Heres a shot of my old '10 F150 with a 2.5 level and 20x10 -12 Fuel Mavericks with 305/55R20 Nitto Terra Grapplers

    Heres a shot of my '17 Fiesta ST the day I picked it up

    As of right now (03/07/18) I am sitting at approximately 3000 km's.

    Installed so far:
    COBB RMM - Installed at 1500 km's - I noticed a huge difference immediately after I installed COBB's rear motor mount. The main difference I noticed is that it's a lot easier to smoothly rev match. I don't notice much more vibrations at idle like some have reported; I daily the car so this is something I was a little worried about.

    Due to this awesome Canadian winter I have decided to hold off on installing most parts until spring as I will be installing most in my driveway.

    Purchased but not yet installed:
    DV+ Diverter Valve
    Velossatech Big Mouth
    Boomba Ultimate Shift Package
    Mishimoto Catch Can

    Ordered but not received yet:
    Perrin Shorty Antenna
    RawVinylWorks Gel Badges
    Weathertech Rain Deflectors

    I have some future purchases in mind but I'm really not sure which direction to go for the most part. Any and all advice and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I'm located in Canada so shipping from a lot of these smaller companies in the USA tends to be quite extreme. I do work in a parts department at a Ford dealership so I am able to source certain products at a discounted rate which I would prefer. (Mishimoto, MBRP). I intend to have the AP, CAI and FMIC ready to be installed by July this year. End goal is a daily driver that will be able to tear up the track on the weekends. As previously stated I would like to go big turbo eventually so I'd like to be able to build towards that goal.

    Future Purchases:
    COBB Accessport
    Cold Air Intake (COBB? I was leaning towards Mishimoto but have since heard of issues with the CAI throwing codes)
    FMIC (Mishimoto J-Line?)
    Catted Downpipe
    MBRP Catback Exhaust
    Pierce Motorsports Bracing (2 Point, 4 Point, 6 Point?)
    Mountune Front Splitter
    Dead Pedal
    Pedal Spacer
    Velossatech Diffuser Fins
    Mountune Rear Spoiler Extension

    If you'd like feel free to follow my build here or on my Instagram @fiestadam
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    Congrats and welcome.



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