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  • Yes. That's right.

    But believe me. Driving so fast with a Fiesta ST makes not really fun. I have driven often so fast, but then in more
    comfortable cars like Focus, Mondeo(Fusion), S-Max. In these cars this speed makes more fun.
    As shown in the picture I send to you.
    240,3 km/h that's 149,32 mph.
    So yesterday I beat my personally record with my FiST.
    Or did you mean what my fastest speed ever was on the autobahn?
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    Yesterday there was no chance. There was an official race so that tourists couldn't drive over the ring.
    On my way to the ring I have seen a lot of good cars, even my dream a Mustang Shelby.
    Yes you can.

    And could you recognize where I have driven in the second video?

    now I'm back from my ride and here is the video: Highspeed was between 2:00 and 2:20.
    And here is the video where the autobahn was going to: . Sadly the video is not very good quality but I hope you can see where I have been. [wink]
    And here a screenshot of my GPS Tracker where you can see what top speed was driven:

    Because of not having a Youtube-Account this was my only opportunity to show you the video. But you can download it, to share it on the Facebook page.
    OK. I will do my very best.[driving]
    Haha. I hope the video won't be too boring. And our autobahn looks not so big like your highways. You have the bigger highways, although we could drive faster. But I will drive a autobahn to a special place. ;-)

    today my mount for my HTC has arrived. Espacially for you I will drive tomorrow on the autobahn and take a video. Otherwise it would take to long, because the next week will be bad weather in Germany and in 2 weeks I will mount winter tires and with these I can't drive top speed. So the earliest time to drive again with high speed will be in march or april.
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