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  • Hey man sorry to bug. Saw all your posts in the euro headlights. You had a hid kit you liked that worked with the correc hid bulb "ground wire at 6 o clock". i need the full hid kid. the website links don't work anymore. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great man thanks!
    id like a flasher my friend
    so how much for the Leftover 3rd brake flashers
    and how much to get it AUS
    Hey OTW503 why'd you sell?? Whatd you buy? Best wishes.
    Hello Matt,
    Ric here. Can you please inform me, where you buy E85? Jay's, or somewhere else? Thank you....
    Forgot to ask, but are they complete with the top plates and all ? I want a complete strut to put Bilstein B8. Thanks !
    Hi, would be interested by your factory dampers and struts. How many miles ? How much to ship them to Laval, Qc, CANADA ? Thanks!
    Paid to that link, my order is in. Quincy, Ma
    I want a flasher, let me know when to send money
    How do i pay for the 3rd brake light mod if youre still offering those?
    Hey men excelent job on the projector headlamps litsen have u tried the forscan program there a part when u can make chages on the cars modules and i have seen where u select the headlamps and gives u the option for proyector headlamps that u didnt need to do the wire swap
    I want it! I'm in tomball TX how do you want to be paid!
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