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SLD 17x7.5 +45 RARE GOLD Team Dynamics Imola - New(300 miles+/-) 215/40/17 Federal 595 SS W/Sensors MONTEREY,CA

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Pacific Grove, CA, USA
17x7.5 RARE GOLD Team Dynamics Imola - Tires New(300 miles+/-) 215/40/17 Federal 595 SS W/Sensors W/Hub Rings W/ TD Center Caps

To my knowledge and all the info I could find, there were only 2 sets of Gold Imolas ever shipped into the states. I simply have too many sets of wheels and need to start thinning out the herd. They are not perfect as shown in images. 1 wheel with attempted color match mini rash repair by some previous owner. 1 Wheel has light plain rash as pictured, but an easy fix if you want to fix it, and 1 wheel looks like a box was left on it and moved back and forth which could probably be buffed out. No bends/cracks/etc. But they are and show amazing.

Tires are new Federal 595 Super Sports W/rash guard as pictures with about 300miles on them and sensors are installed so the set is ready to go.

I found the original pre-order cost for wheels alone: LTD Ed Team Dynamics Imola Gold: 17x7.5/4x108/45mm offset $800 + Ship

Asking: $950/obo LOCAL PICKUP/MEET ONLY (60mile radius of Monterey, CA) I would be open to meeting in L.A. as well with some planning since my oldest son is at UC Irvine

20210427_102648.jpg 20210427_102038.jpg
20210427_102056.jpg 20210427_102102.jpg
20210427_102112.jpg 20210427_102119.jpg
20210427_102143.jpg 20210427_102301.jpg 20210427_102225.jpg 20210427_102332.jpg



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Santa Rosa
Of course these get listed when all the car funds have been spent haha. I live up in Sonoma County area... if I had the money I'd come get them asap.

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