I said I'd do it at some point - I had a little time recently so I've been placing lav mics around my car to record audio from different sources. When making car videos it's nice to be able to mix exhaust/intake/etc., so I've been experimenting with mic placement. This morning on the way home I mic'd the front cowl - sounds nuts other than the injector clacking :P

Here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWLjMQW9D4s

audio technica lavalier mic into a zoom multichannel recorder, mixed together in premiere. I know my windshield is dirty inside and my gopro is old; I just use it as a dashcam. I didn't want to mess with the giant SLR mount just for a sound video hah

I want to eventually mic the middle of the dash by the volume knob, the intake tract, and then gaffer tape a mic to the rear hatch about 12" from the tailpipe so I can get some really sexy audio mixes. If anyone has an interesting or novel idea for a mic location reply below.

And before anyone comments on it - I *was* rolling on and off the gas, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't clipping at all, overwhelming the mic diaphragm or the recorder.