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I would think the thicker oil isn't very good for the turbo.
Especially when the engine is cold.

I did fill up my car with 3/4th of 10W30, to get rid of some of my oil for my old car, and added 1/4th of 0W20, just to be on the safe side.
The oil rating pretty much depends on what you throw at it. So a 25/75 ratio of 0W20 and 10W30, gives you an equal of ~7W27.
The 7 doesn't do much here in South Florida, and the W27... Supposedly the oil thins out as it gets nearer to the oil change, so I think I'm good.

With 10W30, I would just make sure you won't start the car below freezing temps too often, unless you're using an engine heater block, and I wouldn't go all out to the redline.
The oil pump has a lot more stress with W30 oil at higher RPMs, but if it handles W20 oil fine at the 6,5k redline, it will handle W30 oil fine at 4.5-5.5k RPM.
Most of the time, I don't take the car much above 5k RPM anyway, because the acceleration starts tapering off there anyway.
I think you should try and run your car off WD-40....Here's a link...give it a whirl...Sounds better than 7w27 oil...