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SLD 2016 Fiesta ST *PRICE LOWERED AGAIN* - $16,500, S280 Big Turbo, Airtec Manifold, Thermal R&D Exhaust, Custom Dizzy Tuned, South Jersey

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Cape May, NJ, USA
Fiesta ST 2016 For Sale: One owner (age 37, non-smoker), bought new from Ford dealer in Febuary 2017, garage kept, 47k miles all highway, and still smells new inside. Shadow black, moonroof, upgraded CarPlay and Android Auto with Pro LED Pod mounted digital Boost Gauge. Turbo Technics S280 Big Turbo, Turbosmart Dual Port BOV, Turbosmart 14PSI Wastegate, and Airtec Tubular Exhaust Manifold installed by Speed P3rf6rmanc3 (https://www.speedperf6rmanc3.com/) in Linden, NJ in March 2020 at 35k miles. Custom tuned by Jason at Dizzy Tuning, with 3 final tunes: one regular, one with Dizzy exhaust pops, and one with Dizzy Burbles. Produces ~ 300hp and 300tq at max ~29.5 PSI. Other parts include Thermal R&D Exhaust with Whoosh Catted Downpipe, Whoosh v2 Intercooler, Whoosh Hot-side and Cold-side hardpipes, Whoosh Crossover Pipe, Whoosh Induction Pipe, and Injen CAI. Also, Whoosh Rear Motor Mount, NGK Iridium IX one step colder spark plugs, Whoosh Weighted Shifter Knob, Spec-D LED taillights, All LED headlights/hi/lo/fog/turn-signals-switchbacks/interior, nearly new Michelin X-Ice snow tires on black steel rims, dual Hella Horns (preserving original OEM horns for 4 total), 420 watt Nilight 20" grill-concealed LED bar, full amp/subwoofer wiring. And more, over $8,000 in parts (at least $3,000 in labor), listed below:

Turbo Technics S280 Big Turbo: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...80-bolt-on-turbo-kit-2014-2019-fiesta-st-1-6l
Airtec Tubular Exhaust Manifold: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...-tubular-exhaust-manifold-2014-2019-fiesta-st
Turbo Smart Dual Port BOV: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...art-bov-kompact-dual-port-ford-fiesta-st-1-6l
Turbo Smart 14 PSI Wastegate: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...-st-high-boost-11-psi-wastegate-free-shipping
Thermal R&D Exhaust: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...thermal-r-d-3-fiesta-st-cat-back-exhaust-2014
Whoosh Catted Downpipe: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...rand-fiesta-st-downpipe-catless-free-shipping
Whoosh v2 Intercooler: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...ta-st-v2-whoosh-brand-front-mount-intercooler
Whoosh Cold Side Hard Pipe: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...er-pipe-kit-2014-2019-fiesta-st-free-shipping
Whoosh Hot Side Hard Pipe (Included but not installed, as S280 has one): https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...er-pipe-kit-2014-2019-fiesta-st-free-shipping
Injen CAI: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...-fiesta-st-1-6l-turbo-4cyl-polished-short-ram
Whoosh Induction Pipe: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...low-silicone-induction-hose-kit-free-shipping
Whoosh Crossover Pipe: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...osh-crossover-st-2014-2017-crossover-pipe-kit
Whoosh v2 Turbo Inlet Valve Titanium Burned (Included but not installed, as S280 has one): https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...orts-v2-fiesta-st-high-flow-turbo-inlet-elbow
Whoosh Rear Motor Mount Street Spec: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...014-2019-fiesta-st-rear-motor-mount-pre-order
Sped-D LED Taillights: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopif...ning-ford-fiesta-led-tail-lights-smoked-color
Cobb v3 Accessport: https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/accessport/ford-focus-st-fiesta-st-accessport-v3
Firestone Firehawk Indy Extreme Performance Tires on OEM ST Rims: Less than 5000 miles of wear
Snow Tires Michelin X-Ice on Black Steel Rims: Less than 5000 miles of wear
Nilight 20" 420 Watt LED Bar: Installed under front grill, button custom installed on side of steering wheel
And more..

Sale includes all OEM stock parts that were removed as listed below:
Turbo Manifold
Rubber intercooler hosing
Inlet Valve
Crossover pipe
Air Intake
Rear Motor Mount
Shift Knob
Tail Lights
And some smaller replaced interior/exterior parts.

Never been tracked, clutch-dumped, or raced in any way, and no codes or check engine lights. Regular 5,000 mile synthetic oil changes, Ford inspections, and normal maintenance, no mechanical issues ever. Rear-ended at low speed while stationary at a stoplight in August 2019, no body damage or airbag discharge, front and rear bumpers replaced with new Ford OEM. Can provide pictures and Carfax. Car is located in South Jersey near Philadelphia. Asking $17,500 for everything. I love this car and will be sorry to see it go!

(Edit: Lowered Price to $17,500)

IMG_1632.JPG IMG_6143.jpg IMG_6144.jpg IMG_6147.jpg IMG_6148.jpg IMG_6150.jpg IMG_6152.jpg IMG_6154.jpg IMG_6156.jpg IMG_6162.jpg IMG_6168.jpg IMG_6170.jpg IMG_6171.jpg IMG_6174.jpg IMG_6175.jpg IMG_6179.jpg IMG_6180.jpg IMG_6182.jpg IMG_6183.jpg IMG_6188.jpg IMG_6192.jpg IMG_6195.jpg IMG_6198.jpg IMG_6201.jpg IMG_6209.jpg IMG_6215.jpg IMG_6224.jpg IMG_6228.jpg IMG_6230.jpg IMG_6430.jpg IMG_6466.jpg IMG_6467.jpg IMG_6472.jpg IMG_6477.jpg IMG_6486.jpg


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Los Feliz (In the City of Angels)
clean car and GLWS!

side note/question, i didnt see aux fuel, am i missing something? those are healthy hp/tq numbers mate!
Well the 29lbs boost on stock fuel would worry me as per both tuners I used the stock fuel system starts leaning out around 27lbs boost. I hit 29 during initial tuning with Adam but he dialed it back to to just under 27lbs for safety’s sake.
I would also assume thats running 93 Octane which would give a bit more headroom so it might be possible but thats still bleeding edge for a s280 on stock fuel.

Nice car though GLWS.

Cape May, NJ, USA
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Last time I was able to get a few good pulls in we had 290+ to the wheels, and I’ve had a revision since then so it should be pretty close, but 300 is probably a little generous. And it does not have an aux fuel system, I was about to buy the Whoosh single port but decided it had so much power already that it seemed silly. It definitely gets 29.5 lbs of boost and pulls like a dream. I’ll try and get some pics of it hitting that boost. Thanks for the kind messages, this car is my baby!