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FS 2016 White Platinum FiST - 41k miles, $11000

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Hi everyone,

For sale is my 2016 White Platinum Tri-Coat FiST with 41,xxx miles. This car has been treated very well with Mobil1 oil and oil filters every 5k miles, in addition to other wear and tear items as they arose. 95% of the miles on this car are highway miles, and the car drives as well as when I bought it with 4k on the clock. This is the base model with no sunroof or Recaros, however I did add the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto USB port, which is fully functional and a dream to use. Over the course of my ownership, I have added items that enhance the driving experience and utility of the FiST. Here is a list of the modifications done to this vehicle:

-Yellow LED fog lights/Lamin-X fog light covers
-MBRP 3" exhaust
-Boomba vent to atmosphere spacer
-Cobb rear motor mount

Like all used vehicles, this car does have some imperfections:
-Functional but clicking blend door actuator; $15 part replaceable with hand tools
-Paint chips on rear spoiler, barely visible dent on hood
-Needs a powerful shop vac for the front seats (I mountain bike a lot and have a bad habit of getting muddy)
-TPMS sensor on front right wheel sometimes malfunctions

Selling for $11,000, which I think is a fairly low price, but I'm open to offers. This vehicle is located in Alexandria, VA, so anybody interested in the mid-Atlantic region feel free to hit me up!

IMG-2607.jpg IMG-2606.jpg IMG-2610.jpg IMG-2609.jpg IMG-2613.jpg IMG-2612.jpg IMG-2611.jpg IMG-2608.jpg

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Great deal for any Lurker out there just creeping and looking for a FiST! GLWS !