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FS 2017 Stock FiST Magnetic 67.9k in Great Condition

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Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Figured I'll post here first for the enthusiasts before I try elsewhere.

2017 FiST in great condition. Located in central Wisconsin. Zero performance mods. I bought it from Carvana in April 2021 at 49k miles and drove for 2k over 3 years for commuting. 1 owner before me. Clean title without accidents. I had zero mechanical issues with the car since owning it. I originally wanted to mod the car but decided to get a bigger car, instead. In great condition with minor cosmetic defects as seen in the pictures attached. Asking for 13k. Contact me with offers. 315-333-2580


20240510_134700.jpg 20240510_134713.jpg 20240510_134727.jpg 20240510_134739.jpg 20240510_134758.jpg 20240510_134808.jpg 20240510_134818.jpg 20240510_134830.jpg 20240510_134927.jpg 20240510_134944.jpg 20240510_135005.jpg 20240510_135017.jpg 20240510_135046.jpg 20240510_135053.jpg 20240510_135134.jpg 20240510_135149.jpg 20240510_135158.jpg 20240510_135220.jpg 20240510_135353.jpg 20240510_135407.jpg 20240510_135419.jpg 20240510_135435.jpg 20240510_135448.jpg 20240510_135512.jpg 20240510_135634.jpg 20240510_135715.jpg 20240510_135740.jpg 20240510_140010.jpg 20240510_140016.jpg

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