I finally get to purpose the car outside of being a daily, so all things considered I am moving towards AutoX and Track Days, the car is taken out maybe once a week at this point. I will update as I go.

I plan to have very little cosmetic modifications, cash flow being of the essence, so if there's any visual upgrades, it's because it was necessary with performance in mind.

The only thing I have done at this point (besides return the car to stock 3 times)

-Green filter
-215/40-17 Federal 595RS-RR (delivery pending)
-Premium fluids

We will start with a small "planned list"

EBC Yellow front and rear
Stoptech lines
SVT rear set

BC Coilovers/K Sport/Megan

Whoosh V2 FMIC
Whoosh IC hoses
Turbosmart 50/50 Mechanical

Media (I hope to get in car video, just for fun):
Vivitar 1080p Action Cam
Ram Suction Mount

I feel like these will get me thru the motorsport season, and keep me busy until next year.

I will update with pics when I get the car back out.