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Boomba Racing Short Shifter KIT

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I have the Mountune QuickShift with the Bomba Short Shifter plus Shifter Base Bushings and it hands down a great combo. Shift is short and sticks. Love the feel of the shifter. Have you thought about getting the Shifter Base Bushings?
Yeah I figured I'd install both of their bushing options as well. @AntTrain posted a compatibility problem (above) which is why I'm asking @Boomba Racing to confirm.

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Having done the install 4 times total now, wanted to share some tips from my experience. Tutorial on Boomba site and youtube video are great resources but are thin on detail at a couple critical steps.

1) removing the side plate: seems a lot of broken clips result from this step. Key is using a small screwdriver exactly as pictured, shape of tip is critical. Simply insert driver into center bore until you can see the tip, this will release the clip, no prying required.

2) removing the spring clip: when you look at it, first impression is no way that clip is coming out, it's clear that assembly was not designed to be taken apart. It will come out though, just have to pull on it really hard, clip is spring wire and will distort and pop out. A really robust spring hook tool should work, mine wasn't and started to bend so I resorted to the safety wire wrapped around a handle trick. Stand on the assembly and pull.

3) tape your needle nose: tape your pliers tips or you will scratch the ball end on the pin.

4) tapering the pin tip: probably not necessary, recommend attempting reinstall first and only grinding the tip if it won't go.

5) grease: don't fail to grease every bushing and pivot going back together, I did the first time and you can feel the difference.