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FS Cobb accesport, Powerflex transmission mount insert, Powerflex engine mount insert, ATI vent pod, Whiteline front camber bolt, pumaspeed short shifter

Trader history for J.andretti93 (2)

Placentia, CA, USA
Most likely going to be selling my car, so back to stock she goes. Some new parts I never got around to installing, some used.

Cobb Accessport w/ cable, black & silver faceplate, and C Pillar accessport holder: SOLD

Powerflex transmission mount insert (new): SOLD

Powerflex upper engine mount (new): SOLD

ATI Vent Pod (new): $35

Whiteline camber adjusting bolt kit (new): $25

Pumaspeed short shifter (used): $40

IMG_7437.jpeg IMG_7438.jpeg IMG_7434.jpeg IMG_7433.jpeg IMG_7432.jpeg IMG_7409.jpeg IMG_7408.jpeg IMG_7407.jpeg IMG_7406.jpeg IMG_7428.jpeg

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