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DFW Ford Service Departments: Which To Use?????


I wanted to try and find out everyone's experiences with local DFW metro Ford service departments.I just go my FiST and it's already in the shop for an AC issue (very long story...so I won't elaborate here). There really isn't a lot of information on the 2 FiST sites about service departments so I thought I would go fishing. The Focus ST guys mention some their experiences but our cars are a different beast I'm quickly finding out.

I live in the Lake Highlands area so my closest choices are:

Prestige: Have heard horror stories?!?
Town East: Mixed bag. Some say OK...others not so much
North Central Ford: Where the car is now. I'll not comment yet.
Park Cities Ford: Nothing really?!?
Sam Pack's Plano: I've heard more good than bad...but most of the good was the dealership in Lewisville.

Anyway, it doesn't look like this forum is visited much so we shall see if anyone responds.

: )


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South West Ohio
With my old vehicle, I had a good experience out of a local (at the time) dealership. So I returned. I asked for the last mechanic I had but he no longer worked there. Left the waiting area only to catch the different mechanic joy-riding in my vehicle, speeding and sliding around the back of the parking lot. Having been caught dead to rights, initially the 'chanic stillrefused to own up to it.

But it's not just the dealership service departments, I've had negative and bad experiences with a few others... and the only thing I haven't serviced myself on a 22 year old car involved only tire mount/balance, welding, and paint.

People may dump on the d'ships but the truth is, you may get a negative experience at any service center.

Some folk will knowingly opt to pay a 3rd-party for work that could've been warrantied.

Sometimes people will register their complaints with the local Better Business Bureau. They're pretty toothless and there's a conflict of interest with paying members, but have perused their complaint and resolve lists in the past.

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