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Fiesta blower not working at all


New Member
Lisboa, Portugal
Hello all,

My 2010 fiesta with auto A/C just started acting up. I left it off for 3 weeks and when I tried to run it my battery had died and I heard that famous clicking noise from the driver side (never heard of it before this event). Then I replaced the battery (older one was already about to die before I left the car for those 3 weeks) and never heard of the actuator noise anymore again. After battery replacement I realized that the blower is not blowing any air anymore with A/C on&off, nor with blower set to max&min. It just won't want to blow any air in. The fixes I find online are all about the other type of fiesta A/C where the blower works at speed 4 (resistor issue), or where the blend door actuator is faulty where the blower still works but does not blow through some vents and does the clicking sound, which I only heard once with the dead battery.

Any ideas? I haven't done any checks yet. I will follow the advises here. Thanks.

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