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Premier Vendor Information

If you are interested in becoming a Premier Vendor, please contact us at

Include the following information:
  1. Business Name
  2. Website URL
  3. Phone Number
  4. Name of Contact Person
  5. Username

Premier Vendor - What's Included:
  • Can post group buys and product advertising in our Sponsor Deals & Group Buys forum.
  • Can post any research materials such as dyno results, build projects, non-direct advertising in all forums.
  • Premier Vendor Badge.
  • 728px x 90px - forum banner.
  • Upgraded Private Message Storage Space.
  • Linkable Signatures.
  • Private Sponsor forum.

Once your account has been approved, we'll notify you via email and you can begin posting.


Vendor Rules & Guidelines
  • Please refrain from posting group buys outside of the designated forums.
  • When posting research materials, please post the information on our site rather than just a link.
  • Please use your signatures for contact information purposes only.
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