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Ford quality surge is due to Sync 3


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JD Power is not legit that's a award that is bought. Don't believe me that's okay.
The two guys that make these videos about Chevy's awful commercials they get it JD power bullcrap.
If any of y'all guys haven't seen this guy's YouTube channel making fun of Chevy, and a few other stupid companies give it a watch it's funny stuff. JD power more like cow manure.
Sync 3 is definitely much better than my Ford touch.

View: https://youtu.be/S0jTcGBxh6w

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Even consumer reports is tech related. As detailed analysis of modern reviews always has to do with how people interact with the new vehicle but many vehicles are so tech based. 1999 civic Si undoubtedly had the best satisfaction rate of any new vehicle ever sold, It had no BS.

Consumer reports basically, you have to be a current subscriber, then you have to buy a new vehicle, send in a survey at the appropriate time within the ownership period of the vehicle. Not enough people do this so all the reviews are flawed. I remember the little catalog they sent in the mail with the little dot ratings and how people thought that really meant something.

Vehicle reliability and quality mostly has to do with a level of complexity of the product you are purchasing.

A front wheel drive, Manual transmission with very little sensors and electronic equipment like Toyota Yaris (most reliable new vehicle) Will be more reliable then something like a Ford raptor which is on a totally new platform has the most complex all wheel drive system in the world and has a brand new 10 speed transmission twin Turbo direct injection V6 low production numbers.

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There are not many good sources of reliability data. People like to complain about the few sources we have, but the alternative is relying mostly on internet gossip.

Consumer's Reports is real data, I've yet to see something better. Yes, one must be a subscriber, which means they probably buy the vehicles CR recommends, or why would they waste their money/time to subscribe? The sample size of the "other" vehicles may be very small. Additionally, people who are motivated to report are the ones reporting and may not be a representative sample. However, is the motivation of the Fiat reporter different from the Toyota reporter? IMO you need to also look at the problem areas which make up the 1-5 scale to understand the value of the rating. Most antidotal evidence seems to suggest the higher rated brands often perform later in life as well. CR is not perfect measure, but IMO the data generally has a strong basis in reality.

JD Power "initial quality" - Most of this has to do with knobs, rattles, infotainment, rather than things which matter most. This sort of thing can fluctuate greatly, which is why you see wild swings in the data. Their dependability rating seem like the more valuable one.

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