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WTB Forscan service

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Sterling, VA, USA
Called a shop and they were charging 150 not sure if thats normal but it wasnt a priority im in prince George County next to Montgomery
$150 ?!!! daaaaamn..... idk what anybody charges. I did it myself. I rarely get inside the beltway anymore... I do go to Philly monthly and I could do it this coming Monday morning as I'll be driving back from Philly, but I can't nail down a specific time until I hit the road. I'll need to know bc I have to bring my laptop and odbii adapter or you can bring your laptop with forscan already installed.

I go through Baltimore around 9-10am, but it varies widely. I have to be at work by noon or I have to use vacation time.

If you can come out to Sterling/Herndon/Reston, I have more flexibility. Thursday to Sat only.

FYI, you can get the adapter on aliexpress cheap
Or, I since I ended up with two adapters, come out here and for $20 I'll show you how to do it and you keep the adapter. win-win?

It sounds much better, but far from great. Still lots of highs, but not as harsh.

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