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FRPP has this on offer for the FoST--coming for the FiST?


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FRPP online offers a "Performance Package" for $1695 that includes a calibration, cold-temp plugs, an upgraded cold air intake (w/ K&N high-flow filter), and a cat-back exhaust upgrade. They suggest a possible gain of 90 lb-ft of torque at 2800 rpm with 93 oct fuel, and their dyno curves show a nice gain in hp as well.

There's also a package including only the plugs, cal, and intake, for $795. The performance gains they report, and the dyno curves shown for comparison, are identical to the full Performance Package. (Wait, what? [werd])

And finally, one can also purchase just the cal and plugs for a measly $595 (the plugs by themselves are listed separately for $80), and the performance increases are . . . wait for it . . . yes, identical to the packages described above. [confused]

On the plus side, they indicate that warranties continue as valid.

I suspect that the performance gains are indeed incremental--the question remains open as to how much one gets with each level of upgrade, however. Once again, the answer may well be, "Fire the webmaster!"[targetpractice] Perhaps we'll see.

FYI, none of these bits are tagged as Mountune, or anyone else's stuff, though they could well be, of course. It might well be that if Ford gets around to bringing the deal with Mountune into play in cooperation with Ford, as rumor has it, then the Mountune packages could be the equivalent of what FRPP is offering for the FoST.


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Hmm I'd best those numbers are mostly from the calibration. The additional parts probably just fatten it up a bit.
Not a bad price when you consider an AP will run you $500 (though you get a lot with that little handheld) and thats coming directly from Ford.

I wish they would be a little more ambitious and offer packages like MOPAR did for the SRT4. The stage 3 package for that thing was insane for a factory offered item! 350whp!

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