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Hello all the way from South Africa



New Member
Johannesburg, South Africa
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Welcome! My understanding is that mod parts are harder to get where you are, but there has to be something.
Not really, we have many parts locally but some of the cool things and especially cosmetics we have to import.

The thing we trying to do is to get the Cobb handheld unit to work here locally as Cobb only do it for the 4 door ST and we got the 2 door. They don't realize just how big the fiesta market is in our country all wanting the cobb stuffs and so they don't want to develop for our and Europe's models. The focus variant we got the same as you guys so all cobb stuff works, just the fiesta st they are being anal with.

Are there tuners (non cobb tuners) on this forum that use other tools beside cobb? As I would love to ask them some tech facts on ECU / PCM software ID's etc.

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