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Hello everybody! Allow me to introduce myself....

Phoenix, AZ, USA
For the longest time I've been looking for the perfect sleeper car. Between a B8 A4 2.0T, a TF Optima 2.0T, and even stepping up in cylinder count to a UA7 TL Type S, I've been scouring trying to find a roomy sleeper car that has a ton of potential with minimal issues. After investing thousands to develop one-off parts for the previous cars I had, I became tired of investing R&D and I just wanted something I could make fun with the given aftermarket.

I finally gave up on the whole "roomy" aspect of it all and decided to just look for newer, cheap, and fun cars, to which MANY people suggested the Fiesta ST. Low and behold, I drove it and couldn't believe the speed and handling that came with the car right out of the box. It surprised me more than the Focus ST, and since I don't have Focus RS money, the FiST was my choice.

Overall, I am truly looking forward to the few years I'll be owning this car. I'll be keeping it stock for the first year so I can focus on paying it off since this is my first auto loan, so no mods for me during that time. I do have plans to achieve 400WHP at some point in the given future, but I'm not making any promises. Anyways, I hope to speak with as many people on here as I possibly can. Cheers!


Active member
Orlando, FL, USA
Great choice! You may already know, but the usual first mod for the car is a new Rear Motor Mount with the Whoosh Street Spec being the best one IMO. In your modding, you'll find Whoosh is probably one of the best retailers in terms of quality of product and customer service. Good luck with the car, and welcome!
Welcome aboard! Since you are taking your time on the build, you can slowly invest into future proof parts to work into your 400whp goal! Look forward to your build and enjoy your stay.

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