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Hi I’m new and wondering about a wide body kit

East haddam
I’m waiting for my car to be delivered and wanted to know what’s entailed in a wide body set up and air rise or coil overs


Active member
West Bend, WI, USA
Air suspension setup and a body kit OR overfenders.

Air suspension will run you 2-4k$ depending on the options you need/want ie manual or remote... height sensors etc etc.

A body kit will run you 2-3K$ Depending on brand and availability.

overfenders, cheapest route to widebody, are around 100-800$ depending on brand and availability/material type.

so you’re looking at some serious body work as well to fit a body kit - meaning, you have to hack up the car big time and cut into it and weld/body fill arches etc.

Total cost, paying others to do work (High) 8-10k$

total cost for full kit plus bagged and you do the work (medium) 6-8k$

low cost not bagged but on coilovers and fit yourself with just overfenders (low cost) 1.5k$-2k$

there are several routes you can take based on your experience level and needs. Is it a show car? A daily? A seasonal daily? Ask yourself some questions and build accordingly.