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Hot Side Intercooler Boost Hose now available for ATP kit and MBRP pipe owners

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Las Vegas
Available separate from the full boost hose kit is our Hot Side hose w/lined clamps

Same great 5 ply high quality construction as the complete whoosh boost hose kit

Perfect to complete your hot side pipework when installing an ATP big turbo kit which replaces the entire system except this hose that connects to the intercooler

Our Hot Side hose also has compatibility with the MBRP hot side pipe which also replaces the entire hot side pipework except our hose available

each kit includes 1 hose w/2 correct sized lined clamps for a perfect fit every time

LINK TO PRODUCT: https://whoosh-motorsports.myshopify.com/collections/ford-fiesta-st-turbo/products/whoosh-brand-hot-side-intercooler-boost-hose-for-atp-mbrp-charge-pipes?variant=13961266298943


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