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Is Mountune on life support?

Dyer, IN, USA
I’m way late to the party but I’ll give my two cents, I’ve been in the mustang and Ducati community for years. The mustang community “aftermarket” isn’t going anywhere it’s been under scrutiny by the epa but that’s a different discussion. As far as the Ducati community “V4 owner” shit besides tuning if had an easier job finding parts than getting mountune support. Mountune USA just sucked, i had Randy tune me when i was on the stock turbo for about two weeks and his tune just sucked, it wasn’t bad or un reliable but the way he tuned it was just weird. Now let’s get to the real reason why mountune is in trouble this goes specifically towards USA
1) terrible customer service god awful i ordered the catback exhaust for my dads ST, it magically wasn’t in stock so they told me i can wait it out. This was December 2019… by March they kept saying the same crap over and over, so finally i asked for a refund, no problem right, after they told me i would get in 10 days i PayPal struck them. I got my refund and they didn’t even fight it
2) by not moving into other models and markets, this is a big one because the focus and fiesta are dead. So the logical thing to do is too focus on the explorer and edge st, the edge is a joke but be explorer had huge potential instead they tried to get into the ranger market which frpp already had parts for
3) lose of support from ford, without CARB and ford warranty support there tuning isn’t special anymore. Regardless of the situation this is a huge selling point

mountune is slow sinking ship when it’s all said and done, they let this happen


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That's strange. Randy tuned mine and it's a beast. It took 7 tries, but the fuel around here isn't the best. Any hotter, and I get too many negative corrections. This was after he left mountune, though. Better and safer than the mountune stage 2 (which he did, too).