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Is this tune super conservative? Need some advice.

I'm running a GT2860R Gen 1 with 16psi Tial WGA with huge intercooler, catless downpipe, MBRP exhaust, etc.

Disregarding boost completely, does the timing seem conservative to you especially before it fully spools and at 5K+? Seems to me like I'm leaving a lot of power on the table.

I feel there’s room for improvement in delivering power more quickly in a couple areas. The car feels dead before it fully spools (2,500-3,800) so wouldn’t it be helpful to add timing in that area since I'm not seeing any timing corrections? Also, up top it seems to take forever to accelerate from 5k rpm’s to 7K. It peaks at only 265WHP at redline, so would it be possible to ramp up the timing more aggressively in that range and have more than 8 degrees of timing at 7K? What about at 5K rpm's running 5 degrees of timing instead 2.4 and and at 7K rpm's peaking at 12 degrees instead of only 8.5? Are these normal amounts of timing on 93?

I understand at some point ethanol is needed to increase power, but I feel there's more on the table with 93 based on the log. Why wouldn't you add a little timing where needed until you reached the objective or hit a wall from timing corrections?

Below is the datalog and I'd really appreciate someone with knowledge taking a lot.

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San Juan
Well, thing is that you are running 93oct. That really makes it harder to add timing before it knocks. So it's fine. I have less timing in my 93 tune cause the Gas here sucks. A buddy has about the same timing as you and the same tuner as you.

The car corrects the timing as needed as long as there isn't knock.

PS. don't belive that Est HP and Est TQ, it's not real accurate.

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