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JLT oil catch can

Not sure if this is the right spot for this so if not mods please move.
I have been looking at oil catch cans for the FiST and mishimoto is the only company that requires not modifying the factory parts but it cost $260. I came across a company called JLT Performance. JLT offer many "plug and play" application for other ford's and are willing to work with someone in there local area to make a kit for our cars. The exciting thing abut JLT is their kits are $119. I would do this myself but I'm on the opposite cost. If anyone is in the Chesapeake, VA area and would like to help out contact Vinny Conte
JLT Performance


Senior Member
New Castle
Hey, ST_Joe, thanks for the shoutout!

We’d love to see other companies developing product for the Fiesta ST, it’s such a great platform! We try not to speak on competitors’ products as we don’t have extensive testing to speak on as with our own products. However, we can let you know what makes our catch can that much more awesome, just to name a few:

  1. Our silicone hoses use stock-style quick-disconnect fittings. Plug n’ Play never got easier.
  2. The bronze filter inside the catch can will trap particles down to 50 microns. That’s very small!
  3. We use internal air diverters to slow the flow of any oil from flowing straight through under pressure. Slower is better in this case, as you need to give any blow by a chance to cool and settle before particles will effectively separate.
  4. Speaking of optimal oil separation, our catch can features internal baffling to provide more surface area for oil to stick to. The baffle catches and traps blow-by inside the can.
  5. The Fiesta’s engine bay is on the small side which is why we have several methods for emptying our catch can. The entire bottom of the catch can unscrews to simply dump out the contents, or even easier we offer an optional drain kit that taps into an existing fitting in the bottom of the can.

We realize that price is also a factor when choosing parts for your Fiesta ST. This is why we work with a large network of Mishimoto authorized distributors to bring you our fantastic products at a discount. If you are unsure of which distributor is closest to you, check out our ‘where to buy’ feature on our website HERE. If you need any assistance in locating a distributor feel free to shoot me a PM and I would be happy to assist!




Just go with the Mishi. I'm glad I did after reading all the posts on leaks, hard to drain, etc. Mishi isn't cheap, but worth it IMO. Love their products, and more importantly, their transparent research. They will tell you what works and what doesn't. I was skeptical with their prices at first, now I'm a big fan.

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