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M-Sport Suspension?

Is anyone running the M-Sport Tarmac suspension with bilstein dampers?

Are the rears a true coil over or a divorced spring set up?

Any pictures of them installed?

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I do not believe that anyone on here is running this setup currently.
There IS an American Rally Association, Limited 2 Wheel Drive class crew running them (with the supplied GRAVEL height/rate springs) on a FiST, out of the Washington state area.

IF there will never be a Ground Control coil over conversion for the Koni Sports released (which looks to be the case as of right now [:(]), I want to go with this setup instead (but I will get it with BOTH the supplied gravel springs AND the lower ride height/higher rate tarmac springs when I do [wink]).

The rear is a spring on a weight jacker/height adjuster, and a separate (I believe 'Motorsport' strength level) Bilstein damper valved to the approximate range of both of the available spring offerings with the kit.

The front IS a Motorsport sized/level Bilstein damper, albeit NOT compression OR rebound adjustable (fixed valving), but is a true coil over.

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