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MeisterR GT1 review

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So I have had this kit on my car since last year. I mainly use the FiST for autocross, I run Toyo proxes R888R tires and after talking to Jerrick after I submitted my purchase we decided 8k in the front and rear for spring rate would best suit the car. Driving the car out to the track I have the spring damper settings -15 from full stiff in front and in the rear and honestly the car almost feels factory driving around even with the high spring rate. Getting to the track I just click all four corners to full stiff and it's ready to throw down at that point. The car is super responsive in the corners and I have full confidence in the car with this set up. Jerrick has been super helpful with the whole process and responds pretty damn quick with any questions I had. If anyone is on the fence with upgrading their suspension I would highly recommend going with the GT1 set up, its custom fit for your vehicle which is awesome! Having so many adjustable settings I was able to corner balance the car and aligned it with no issues, I am running -2.0 degrees camber in the front. I tried to take some good pictures this weekend of the car to show the ride height. I have the power flex race spring pad in the rear and the coil overs are adjusted all the way down and that's how it sits. IMG_1229.jpg IMG_1230.jpg IMG_1231.jpg IMG_1232.jpg

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