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ModBargains.com | Mishimoto Radiators + Coolant Combo SPECIAL FIRST 10 UNITS ONLY!!!!

La Habra
Hey FiestaSTForum!

I'm a little new around here but figured I would make my intro by posting up this special for you all. We recently started carrying these FiST Radiators in stock from Mishimoto, so there is no lead time at all! These are in our warehouse and ready to go! On top of that we are tossing in Free Mishimoto Coolant that is normally $55, there is no additional shipping cost or charges for that either!!

The Mishimoto Ford Fiesta ST Performance Aluminum Radiator is an upgraded replacement for your OEM radiator. The advantage of this radiator is that it is much more efficient for cooling while saving weight and preserving good coolant flow. This allows your car to run more reliably because of lower operating temperatures that are consistent throughout all driving situations. And with its TIG welded construction, this radiator is bulletproof and will last for the life of your car.

Mishimoto Ford Fiesta ST Performance Aluminum Radiator
  • Prevents Overheating with 3-Row, 2in Thick Brazed Aluminum Core
  • Direct-fit for the 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST
  • Reduces coolant temperatures by 10?F (5.5?C) during steady state driving
  • Includes Mishimoto compact fan shroud for increased air passage through the radiator
  • Includes installed air bleed screw for quick evacuation of air pockets in the system
  • No cutting or fabrication necessary - Direct bolt On
  • 3-row, 2" thick brazed aluminum core with TIG-welded end tanks
  • Fully compatible with stock hoses and Mishimoto Fiesta ST Radiator Hoses
  • Compatible with most intercooler and intercooler piping kits
  • FREE BONUS LIQUID CHILL - a $55 Value! Drops Coolant Temperatures

PM Me with any questions today you may have!! :)


Very interested as well. Since I'm going to keep this car for a while, I might as well get the cooling system good enough to do some track days.

Maybe its lower than they are allowed to print... I havent received a pm yet.

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