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As has already been stated, there's no way you stopped in 60ft. Just none. Maybe something like an Ariel Atom could do it.

All I'm pointing out is that the lack of info is intrinsic to many aftermarket vendors across every platform I've been on. No surprise there.

No name brakes from a mystery manufacturer need more info if I'm gonna trust them with my life and the lives of others around me. Period. When I do get a BBK, it won't be the mystery calipers. Strictly a reputable brand that's been making them for decades. Ya know, cuz my life literally depends on it.

And as I said already, I'm glad the manifold exists for those who want the option. I'm a bang for buck builder and I'll be skipping it. The money is better spent on something like an lsd (or two lol)
Ron has said that the kit is manufactured by a big name vendor, I believe he even said it shares a manufacturer with one on his site. The reason they are low price is because they are unbranded. Unbranded does not mean cheap. If a brand comes out and says yeah that's our kit - EBC, AP, whomever - then the market for that companies kit would plummet. I've done a few panic stops from triple digits down to zero. I trust them.

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^^^IF I knew that they were manufactured by AP Racing, they'd be on the car already. [wink]

But yes, I FULLY understand why the manufacturer cannot be revealed at all.

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The 330mm brake kit I bought from whoosh has been phenomenal and I second the post above mine, you got any questions ask away. I managed to brake from 80 mph in about 60 ft with 200 tread tires. I know this because the tunnel I go through on the way to work is marked every 10 ft with a stiffener. I had to brake quickly to avoid a collision just yesterday due to a blind curve and traffic on the other side.

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So your car brakes at 3.5gs?

Distance = 1/2 * ((initial vel)^2 / deceleration)

60ft=1/2*((117.3ft/s)^2 / a)
A=114.6ft/s/s of deceleration.


You have an Indy car there. Pretty sure my math is right, did it eating a sandwich.

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