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New Here From Winchester Virginia

Winchester, VA, USA
Hello everyone,

I joined this forum so I could get some info on the Fiesta ST because I plan on getting one after winter. I currently have a 2012 Fiesta SE that I bought two months after buying an Edge ST just to keep miles off of it, and I come to love the Fiesta. Being a SE it isn't fast but it is fun to drive and on the highway I get in the 40's mpg. But after having it now for 6 months I can see I need the ST. I realize I will give up some MPG but the fun factor of the car will be well worth it and there is allot of mods you can do to the car without crossing the line that makes it a track car and not a daily driver so I like that as well. I am into cars and bikes so the Fiesta ST will be a fun car to play with and hopefully won't cost in parts what my current mustang costs to do mods :)

Crossville, AL, USA
Welcome , I got mine to replace a 2013 Se after a wreck . Mine had the auto that had that bad stutter coming from a stop so I was actually kinda glad to get rid of it. Just hated the way it happened.
But the St is a blast to drive especially in congested traffic where you can zip in and out of places.

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