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our first customer appreciation giveaway of 2019 !

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We're running this giveaway primarily on Facebook but also wanted to offer it to forum members as well.
Requirements are as easy as liking the post and PM-ing your real name to enter [like]

Let's start 2019 with a customer and supplier appreciation giveaway...
Our friends at AET Motorsport have been great partners in 2018 and we look forward to an even greater 2019!
The giveaway goods are AET VUDU themed for our much appreciated current and future customers to enjoy

How to Enter:
Simply make sure you have liked our Facebook page and tag at least one friend to follow our page. That will enter your name in the random drawing.
Any tagged individuals must like the page and tag someone else to qualify as an entry.

The giveaway starts now through Monday (Jan 21, 2019) evening when a random name will be selected using the "Randomizer".

The Prizes:
1st Place on the randomizer list:
(1) ITG VUDU edition Intake kit
(1) Voodoo Inside Tribute Shirt
(1) VUDU Lanyard
(2) VUDU gel badges

Runner Up (2nd name on the Randomizer List)
(1) Voodoo Inside Tribute Shirt
(2) VUDU gel badges

Have fun, tag some friends, and thank you for a great 2018 everyone!