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Pumaspeed X47R Hybrid Turbocharger sale until 6/23 320whp!

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Hey Fiesta Enthusiasts!

Have you been itching for that 270-280 whp on 93 pump gas (stock fuel system)? Well from now until June 23rd we're running a sale on the Pumaspeed X47R turbocharger.

SAVE $60 off the purchase of an X47R turbocharger when you purchase a turbosmart kompact shortie plumb back BPV and turbosmart 11 PSI wga with your X47R.
SAVE $80 off your order if you combine it WGA/BPV and the Stratified 4 Port Injection System to run E30 and make 310-320 whp! (http://pwnallperformance.com/stratified-x4tra-fuel-system-ecoboost-1-6l.html)


To take advantage of this deal simply shoot us an email to sales@pwnallperformance.com or a facebook message to https://www.facebook.com/pwnallperformance/
so that we can ensure stock and prepare a custom invoice for the order.

Why buy from Pwnall Performance? We're the only Pumaspeed retailer in the USA! Why pay currency conversion fees or foreign transaction fees when you can deal
with a local dealer directly.

Core exhanges? No! The price of our unit includes the core fee and you do not need to send us your OEM turbo.

Lead time? There is a 3-4 business day lead time for the X47R turbo and 3-4 business day shipping.
If ordering the stratified 4 port injection system with your X47R please allow 7-10 business days for the stratified port injection kit ship out.

Sale Ends 6/23

Tim Pownall
Pwnall Performance LLC

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