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Pwnall Performance Fiesta ST Intercooler 370 HP intercooler upgrade $339.99 + 10% Coupon *Limited Time*

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San Antonio
Hey Enthusiasts,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. We're currently offering a 10% off coupon code on our fiesta st intercoolers. We've sold over 30 of these units so far and have had nothing but positive feedback. Please use code pwn10 during checkout to take advantage of this deal.


Features Include:
  • Rated up to 370bhp (hybrid turbos may produce more heat at a lower power level)
  • 28x6.25x3 bar and plate core
  • Cast tank ends
  • Aluminum construction for heat dissipation and reduced weight
  • 100%+ more flow space than stock
  • 2.5" diameter inlet and outlet
  • Near ambient charge temps and only 12-15 degrees at 370 HP with an upgraded turbo while maintaining quick boost response!

No cutting or drilling required!

ORDER HERE! http://pwnallperformance.com/Fiesta-ST-PP-370-HP-Rated-Intercooler_p_67.html

It doesn't matter if you're Stock turbo, Hybrid turbo or GTX turbo. The Pwnall Performance FMIC upgrade gets the job done!

Datalog is from our 370 HP (325 WHP) X47R Fiesta (https://datazap.me/u/pwnall1337/x47r-11-psi-wastegate-spring-e48-fuel?log=0&data=4-5-8&zoom=390-497)

Temps start at 86 degrees and make their way to 101 degrees through a pull on our car making 370 HP (325 whp) with an x47r hybrid turbo!

We currently run this intercooler on our x47r Fiesta ST and have gone 110.32 mph with a slipping clutch in 105 degree Texas heat.