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Razzter.com Ap3 Holder install and Review*


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I will start off by saying ....SirThomas88....your Holder is of very high quality and the time and effort on your part is fantasmagorical!

1. Step unbox this awesome display of 3D printing! The only other non Razzter.com part you will need is the holder for the AP3 that is supplied by Cobb.

2. Get the base and the Arm and put them together.

3. Now Grab the Arm and get the AP3 mounting plate with three holes and put it onto the Arm.

4. Mount it to the A-pillar of the FiST. This will hook around the A-pillar trim and wrap around towards you and hook into the other side of the A-pillar underneath the rubber door trim seal.trim under the rubber seal

5. Now mount the Cobb AP3 holder Bracket on the Razzter.com mounting plate. If you can't figure this out you are an idiot and please hit yourself over the head with a tack hammer.

6. Mount your Ap3 to your new found friend The Razzter.com holder and go do some Datalogs if your into that kind of thing!

7. Or get yourself a ! And hangout with a man's best friend!

You can also get yourself one here ....


Thanks Again SirThomas88!

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Thank you @TyphoonFiST for your nice writeup and pictures man!

I'm not currently offering the AP Mount in colors other than Black for simplicity... BUT for cool people like @TyphoonFiST and anyone else on this forum, I'm happy to do a special print order, such as a color that I offer for one of my other products. Just send me a PM for any questions.

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