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GB Rota Crest Wheel Group Buy

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UPDATE 6/4/21: I copied this from the thread in the wheel/tires section.

I just got off the phone with Jenny. They’re out of all 4x108 wheels in the US and are ready to restock with a container from Thailand. Price per set of Rota Crest for this order is $750 with $375 deposit. It’ll take a month or so to get them so you’ll need to be patient. If you want another Rota model or size, keep reading.

17x8 et40 Rota wheels fit stock Fiestas. It’s what most of the Grid, Recce and Titans are. I’ve requested 17x8 et40 in satin black for myself. I think we should keep the offset conservative at 40 so they fit everyone’s car. I plan to run 5mm spacers to kick them out from my BBK (if needed).

Any color is possible, but I suspect we will see Bronze, Hyperblack and Satin Black since they are most popular. Tell Jenny what you want, even if it’s a different model. She asked that we contact her via email at Sales@18racing.com to begin the ordering process. You can make the subject “4x108 Fiesta ST Group Buy”. After this group buy, the price goes up at least $100/set. We are ready to move. As soon as five sets are sold, the order will be placed.

If you want in, please reply to this thread and email Jenny for deposit payment info. Two sets are already sold as of 6/4/21.


Hey everyone. I’m talking with the good folks at Rota USA about bringing in the new Crest wheel that looks like the OZ Leggenda but comes in 17x7.5 and 17x8 with more aggressive offsets. You can see more info here: http://www.rotawheels.com/product/crest

The 4x108 17x7.5 weighs just 17.3lbs. The 17x8 weighs 18lbs. Pricing is $750/set shipped with $350 deposit. If you are interested in a set PM me your email address and I’ll send it to Jenny at Rota USA so she can contact you for a deposit. We just need 5 of us to commit with a deposit to bring the wheels into the US. They’ll take three months to arrive by ship after the order is placed.. I think Gold, Bronze, Silver, Black and White are color options, but let me know what you want and I’ll see if it’s available. Here’s a couple of stock pics:

This is what Leggendas look like on my car. There’s a lot more pics in my build thread if you are interested in seeing others:


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