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September Deals Gap (Tail of the Dragon) trip leaving from south Chicago suburbs. (318 curves in 11 miles)

I am thinking of doing a drive down from the Chicago area to Deals Gap in mid to late September. My Miata club is doing an official club "cruise" down there in September of next year and I am leading the group so I want to make a dry run to check out the road conditions and how the area looks in mid-September. I will be driving my FiST for this years trip.

I plan on leaving on either a Friday or Saturday morning, overnight in Kentucky, then drive in from Kentucky the next morning. That should put us in Deals Gap sometime on the afternoon of the second day. From there you can check into a hotel or resort and we can meet for a couple cruises on some area roads over the next day or so. After leading a couple drives I will be heading south to visit my girlfriend in Georgia and you all could mess around near deals gap for however long you decide to stay.

If anyone is interested let me know. I will likely go alone if nobody wants to join me, but if that is the case I will likely do the whole trip in one day.

My likely departure date will be September 17th. (though, it looks like there is an "EcobooST takeover of the Gap" scheduled for the next weekend so I may slide my dates if that is the case)

Neither this forum, my Miata club, nor I will be legally responsible for your activities on this trip. I am just offering to lead you down there and show you a couple good roads.

Let me know.