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Sync 2 and Google Pixel 2


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Anyone have Sync 2 AND a Pixel 2 or 2 XL? If so can you plug a USB cable in without getting a USB insertion error?

Yesterday Ford techs thought it was working fine but plugged my phone in and still got the error.
My car's in the shop now getting that checked to see if it's covered by the warranty extension of TSB 12M02, but I'm not hopeful it will work.

The cable I'm using is an Aukey USB-A to USB-C. I tried using the other one in the 2 pack but still doesn't work.

So does any one with a Pixel 2 and Sync 2 get them to connect via USB cable? Trying to diagnose if it's the cable, phone, or sync that's the problem.

Going into the shop today didn't fix it. Am running v3.10 of Sync 2.
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