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Video: Cobb Stage III & Swift Springs for Fiesta ST Customer Review


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Yesterday morning, Matthew J?s Fiesta ST rolled into the shop basically stock, save for a set of fifteen52 Turbomac wheels for Fiesta ST ? Matthew?s buddy, Dave, has been modding his OxWhite ST with us here for quite a while now, and today was the day Matthew caught up ? opting for a major suite of upgrades from Cobb Tuning and installed a set of Swift Spec R Springs for Fiesta ST to improve the ride quality and handling of the already nimble Fiesta ST...

More photos and full writeup here: http://blog.modbargains.com/video-swift-springs-cobb-stage-iii-fiesta-st-review-modauto/



The fifteen52 Turbomacs look sick on this car (17x8 ET40 / Rally Silver) as well, and based on what we've heard the Swift Springs may be the one of the best spring options out there.

But don't take my word for it, watch the video and hear what Matthew's impressions of the car were straight from him.

Enjoy! I had more fun making this one than I'd had in a while.

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