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Water atomizer vs Methanol in air inlet?

Vero Beach
I've read posts about methanol injection kits, and they need some sort of pump, to inject the fluid post intercooler; partly because methanol and any plastic tubing, as well as the IC don't get along well.

While methanol is cheap compared to gasoline, it still costs a lot compared to water.

What if I were to use a cheap water atomizer, and use it to vaporize water straight in the air intake (post MAF, pre turbo)?

The benefits are:
1- Water is much cheaper, costs next to nothing ($1 for a gallon of distilled).
2- No pump necessary, can be sucked in through vacuum.
3- Since it's post Turbo, it'll not only cool down the turbo, but also make the IC operate more efficiently.
4- Since it soaks up heat from the turbo, and under pressure in the intercooler, it'll vaporize easier.
5- Water injection is sufficient to allow better timing, and steam from the combustion should get higher low RPM HP (torque).
6- MPG increases due to higher density
7- Cleans carbon off the cylinders and valves.

1- Less HP gain than with a water-methanol mix
2- Water vapor might condense in the IC.
3- More water out of exhaust pipe
4- Need a control mechanism to inject water vapor upon acceleration; as continuous water vapor might pollute the engine oil.

Would it be viable to use a water atomizer to boost power?
Anything else I'm missing here?