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What's normal for misfires and knocks?

I have been keeping an eye on the data that AP provides on the misfires and knocks. My numbers - over more or less regular commutes, mostly highway, about 40 miles each way, averaging 60 mph - bounce around 9-15 for the misfires and 1-2 for the knocks. Is this typical? Reasonable? And if not, what would these point to?
Pleasant Hill, CA
I believe that there are individual gauges for knocks on each cylinder. I need to RTFM, dammit.
I turned on the Knock Detection and Misfire gauges. I commute 15 miles each way, mostly freeway.

Morning: 0 knocks, 4 misfires
Evening: 0 knocks, 6 misfires

In the evening 3 of the 6 misfires occurred before I even got out of the parking lot.

I run E30 on a fairly regular basis, including today, so I would have been really surprised to see any knocks. As far as the misfires go, my plugs are only a few months old, standard temp. If my commute were 40 miles like yours, I think I'd probably have the same number of misfires, so I'm guessing (hoping?) that's not unusual.