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Where is the button for the Dome Lights.

Metro Detroit
Things that Police Officers like enough at night to give out a warning instead of a ticket.

1) The driver they have stopped switching ON the Dome Lights. BTW, open the drivers door to do this and you WILL get a ticket because the police universally hate seeing that drivers door opened or cracked. In fact opening that door can and has resulted in a Felony Stop procedure being used.

2) The driver getting the registration and license ready after turning on the dome light and placing those items in plain view on the dashboard.

3) The driver lowering the drivers window completely, even in minus 20 degree temps.

4) The driver placing both hands on the steering wheel and keeping them there.

5) The driver following the officers requests to the letter without any argument.

So I repeat, How do your turn on the dome lights? BTW, I have a 2019 FiST. All I have found with a switch are the reading lights and those really aren't bright enough.

PS; I was taught this "secret" back in 1971 by an Ohio Highway Patrol Sergeant when I was 16 years old. I can tell you that this really does work. Since 1971 I have had a grand total of 5 traffic citations and an untold number of warnings. Currently I've been citation free for 6 years and the last one was for 71 in a 50 in Virginia and the trooper did NOT cite me for Reckless Driving, just the speed and he wrote it up for 59 in a 50mph zone . In addition when I went to Court that Officer actually testified on my behalf that I was quite courteous and told the Court I had stated the same testimony given was exactly what I stated at the traffic stop. So I had to pay a fine for 54 in a 50 and was put on a 6 month probation. Yeah the Court actually knocked my recorded infraction to a zero point infraction so it wasn't reportable to the insurance company.

You're asking how to turn the dome/map lights on? The clear lens itself is the button to turn it on or off. I do agree they aren't bright enough, LED bulbs can fix that quick though.

I have a 2018 so unless they changed the dome/map light setup in 2019 that's the way to turn them on or off.

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