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FS Whoosh Hybrid Turbo, Airtec Manifold, XDI Fuel Pump and Uprated Injectors

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Chicago, IL, USA
Recently sold my Fiesta, so I am selling off the parts I no longer need:

Whoosh Hybrid Turbo with Turbosmart 11psi Wastegate and Large Mouth Turbo Inlet: includes new turbo to oil line gasket and new turbo to down pipe fire ring. I've owned the turbo for little over a year and have placed about 10k miles on it Sold

Bosch Uprated Fuel Injectors: New in sealed plastic bags Sold

Airtec Exhaust Manifold: New in sealed plastic bag $600 plus shipping

Xtreme-DI HPFP35 High Pressure Fuel Pump: New in plastic bag Sold

Turbosmart EM BOV Dual Port VR2 Sold

Prices are negotiable, so PM me with any questions


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