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whoosh motorsports / Velossa Tech - BIG MOUTH Group Buy 2018

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ok everyone - Thank You for the great response to this group Buy![perfect10]

use Code : VTWHOOSH20
on the site (just the whoosh site has this code) to save 20%
orders in the conus USA are FREE SHIPPING for this GB
PR, HI will be around $12
Canada $15
If you amount at checkout is different from this amount it will be credited or a small invoice for the difference will be sent.

whoosh motorsports and Velossa Tech have teamed up to offer you the Fiesta ST BIG MOUTH 2018 Group Buy!!

If you've been wanting a BIG MOUTH, NOW is the time to get it! The price drops significantly with the # participants we have sign up. So tell your friends!

We wanted to kick off this year and give back to fiestastforum.com, for being such awesome supporters of ours all through 2017.

For those who are new to the scene, the BIG MOUTH has been a best selling product for ST hatchbacks for nearly 2 years, and for good reason. Not for just it's stunning good looks and impeccable design, Velossa Tech has engineered this duct to be a true ram duct with real world improvements in airflow above 2nd gear!!

**********A promo code will be generated once we have a committed group**********

Sign up now by replying to this thread, let's get a head count started!!"

The price breakdown:

Product pics!

Performance Data!

1) MoxBoost
2) MichiganST
3) TDavis (maybe)
4) OguNinja
5) SlowDunny
6) J.andretti93
7) saimerej
8) magneticFiST
9) FiSTerTheGrouch
10) sdobbs717
11) eric tee
12) Marco
13) SleepyST
14) KenST
15) appst8
16) goldygopher
17) john9851
18) yumdumpster
19) ttotheizzo
20) redmoe
21) Driver
22) Kalter
23) Edster
24) Xaendeau
25) jtehh
26) ron@whoosh
27) ghodge
28) Tmueller
29) captainmorbid
30) dooku77
31) Shortbus
32) Dr.Prutteklutt + RS Big Mouth
33) MrMann
34) Nighthawk
35) EnioMagFiST
36) BlackLion
37) Aflores96
38) zlouision

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i have one, and is really a quality piece of work
Are theses the version 2 or versions 3 snorkels.

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All the newest Gen parts! Gen3 Fiesta Big Mouth & all/any color combos available
Sales will go through the whoosh site - and a coupon code will be provided to use once we know the # of participants
Ron has the Gen 3 on his site, so it should be those.

Sign me up Ron! Been wanting one for a while.
Correct! & good deal - thank you
I might mess with this as I want a nitrous blue flare instead of a perf blue flare now
sounds good!
Can we choose any color that Velossa Tech offers?
Count me in for a gen 3 snorkel if so.
yes, any color
awesome !!!
Sign me up for sure.
thank you, will add you to the list!
Count me in! Also quick question will this affect warranty?
Think that'll depend on your dealer/technician. There was a post here recently where they found something detailing how Ford handles that. Basically if they can reasonably say that the mod caused the issue it won't be warrantied. But if it's independent then you're all good.

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