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whoosh Single Port Aux Fuel kits are shipping NOW !

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The whoosh motorsports Single Port Auxiliary Fuel Kit

Once you've installed a hybrid or larger turbocharger on your Fiesta ST 1.6L, the stock DI fuel system quickly starves for fuel at approx 300whp. The HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) and DI injectors simply can not handle the fuel demand to produce more power

The whoosh aux fuel kit will provide enough additional fuel to safely increase power by 100 crank HP or a total of 350-375whp (combined power total with the stock DI system and the whoosh aux kit) Power increase figures are custom tune and fuel dependent

This is made possible by adding a port fuel injector / injection plate that installs between the throttle body and intake manifold. The injector is controlled by the included split second controller in tandem with a custom tune on your COBB Accessport. Please contact us directly with any questions related to the installation or tuning of this product

In addition to the extra power, the whoosh aux fuel kit will help keep your intake valves clean and free of excessive carbon buildup

Key Features:

  • injector plate CNC machined from high quality aluminum
  • hard anodized Black finish
  • DeatschWerks injector (65 lb/hr)
  • Fully assembled E85 compatible Aeromotive fuel line and fittings
  • Split Second injector controller with serial cable adapter included
  • all necessary hardware for an easy installation
  • optional VR true plug-and-play harness


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