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fiesta st

  1. rooSTer

    How many people would be insterested in a 4x108 to 5x108 redrilled hubs and rotors?

    What these does is allow you to is use 5x108 wheels on the Fiesta ST.
  2. D

    Help me pick a new car!!

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to post and get some comments on what everyone thinks of some of the options that I have for my next car. First a little history on me so that we can put everything into perspective. I am married with 2 small children 4 yrs and 8 months so everyone needs to be...
  3. rooSTer

    Would you install fog light DRL?

    These are for the regular Fiesta but would you guys install something like this on your Fiesta ST?
  4. rooSTer

    Fiesta ST SCT Tuner

    I sent SCT a message on FB and they said they are working on the Fiesta ST software but no details on when it's released. They already have it for the regular Fiesta just not the ST yet.
  5. rooSTer

    DEPO Fiesta LED Tail lights

    Had some time to kill today and searched ebay for some cheap goodies. Saw these regular Fiesta DEPO tail lights. You guys think it would work on the Fiesta ST...
  6. Fiesta ST News

    Autobytel 2014 Compact Car of the Year: Ford Fiesta ST

    Last year's Compact Car of the Year finalists were like an episode of Sesame Street, brought to you by the letters B,R,Z,F,R,S,T,S,T,G, and another T. A true testament to how sporty and fun the compact car segment has become and how far it has moved from the days of econoboxes. This year...
  7. Harvick

    Anyone hear the news about fifteen52 working on a Fiesta ST project?

    I spoke with fifteen52 the other day and they said they had two Fiesta STs coming to their shop soon. Not sure on the details but it would be great to see them build a Fiesta TrackSTer. Focus TrackSTer from the Chicago Auto Show
  8. rooSTer

    AEM to release an intake for the Fiesta ST

    Just got word that AEM is currently working on an intake for the Fiesta ST and will have one released soon. As soon as I find out more I'll post an update. Seems the aftermarket companies are starting to catch on how popular these are becoming.
  9. Harvick

    What's the best part of owning and driving a Fiesta ST?

    I find it very a funny to see guys driving imports wondering what I'm driving since the only thing they see is the ST badge in the rear.[lovest]
  10. L

    Really like Fiesta ST. How does it compare?

    I really like the Fiesta ST. I'd like a white one with the Recaros. I might be interested in the Rado wheels, but not sure yet..... What is the real world price like on these? I live in the Atlanta area. Also, I currently own a 08 S2000, an Evo 8, and a 00 Civic Si. I know we are talking about...

    Fiesta ST Mountune Intake Review

    I recently installed a Mountune intake and wanted to give you guys my personal opinion of the product. The Product: These are the items that are included with the Mountune intake system. The Pros: The great thing about this product is the ease of installation. An average person can install...
  12. BlueBomber

    Southern California Fiesta ST "Hello" Thread!

    What?! No SOCAL owners thread? Well, let's fix that!! I'm Nick, I'm from Anaheim, CA - and work at www.ModBargains.com, a performance/customization parts retailer/installer in La Habra, CA. I'm very interested in socializing with other ST owners, doing group drives, photo shoots, auto X days...

    Arizona Fiesta ST Spotted thread

    I saw a PB FiST yesterday heading east bound on Warner Rd near the I10 over pass.

    How To: Remove Air Intake Filter

    Tools Needed 1) Torx 20 Screwdriver 2) 7mm Socket 3) Optional K&N Drop In Filter (33-2955) Step 1 - Undo the MAF Sensor Step 2 - Use a 7mm socket, loosen and undo the air intake hose. Step 3 - Use the Torx Screwdriver and remove the four screws holding the top portion of the intake box...
  15. pelotonracer2

    Drivetrain Break-in 101

    Engine and powertrain Break-in 101 1. Introduction: ----------------- Every engine and powertrain is the sum of its' total parts. If those individual parts do not fit together properly (proper bedding in), or the machined "finish" of those parts after being "run-in" are not optimal, both...
  16. pelotonracer2

    pelotonracer2's FiST build

    Well, I figured I'd condense a lot of my modification projects for the FiST here. I started out with this:
  17. rooSTer

    Forgestar F14

    How many people think this wheel would look good on the FiST?
  18. F

    E46 M3 V.S. Ford Fiesta ST

    Good morning, I found a nice little comparo video this morning. The two cars are worth about $25000, one is new and one is used. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gbcj-zE7gBw
  19. N

    A Ford Fiesta RS ??? - Rumors, Reports, and Discussion Thread

    http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/ford/fiesta/85091/extreme-new-ford-fiesta-rs-coming Not sure how I feel about this, we finnally get a non watered down version of a car the europeans have had for years and now the possibility of this! I have no doubts there are many people on this forum who...
  20. Harvick

    The $25,000 Challenge: BMW E46 M3 vs Ford Fiesta ST