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ford fiesta st

  1. Fiesta ST News

    Autobytel 2014 Compact Car of the Year: Ford Fiesta ST

    Last year's Compact Car of the Year finalists were like an episode of Sesame Street, brought to you by the letters B,R,Z,F,R,S,T,S,T,G, and another T. A true testament to how sporty and fun the compact car segment has become and how far it has moved from the days of econoboxes. This year...
  2. F

    E46 M3 V.S. Ford Fiesta ST

    Good morning, I found a nice little comparo video this morning. The two cars are worth about $25000, one is new and one is used. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gbcj-zE7gBw
  3. Harvick

    The $25,000 Challenge: BMW E46 M3 vs Ford Fiesta ST

  4. rooSTer

    RS Style spoiler on an FiST?

    Would ya'll install an RS Style spoiler on an Fiesta ST? Maybe someone with some photoshop skills can add it to the FiST?
  5. rooSTer

    Has anyone tried installing the Kicker sub from the regular Fiesta?

    I wanted to see if anyone plan to or thought of installing the Kicker sub? It's part number CE8Z-18808-A http://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-FORD-SPEAKER-SUBWOOFER-FORD-FIESTA-11-14-CE8Z18808A-/221308591142 PART NUMBER CE8Z18808A FITS 2014 Ford Fiesta S Sedan 2013 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan 2014 Ford...
  6. S

    Ford Fiesta ST 2013 Xcell Dump Valve Sound Rev

  7. S

    MRT Forza Motorsport 5 Ford Fiesta ST

  8. keeptheheat1

    Hello from Dallas

    Hello All! I just got my black 2014 Ford Fiesta ST. I really like it and im excited about getting it. I was driving a 2013 Subaru WRX... and some hit me and it got totalled. I did my research and as much as I liked the WRX. I wanted something with good MPG. Before my subaru I had a 2009...
  9. S

    Forza 5 Custom Cars - #5 2013 Ford Fiesta ST With 875 BHP !!!!

  10. FiestaSTForum

    Ford Fiesta ST UK Specifications

    Ford FIESTA ST Specifications PEFORMANCE AND ECONOMY Fuel consumption l/100 km (mpg) Performance Engine Power (PS) CO2 (g/km) Urban Extra Urban Combined Max speed kph (mph) 0-100 kph 0-62 mph...