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FS Boomba Racing RMM - Refurbished, like NEW

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1. Product Description: Boomba Racing RMM (Motor Mount/Engine Mount/Torque Mount)
Natural aluminum finish
Paid shipping and import duties twice for this. First for buying brand new, second for refurbishing under lifetime warranty by Boomba themselves. Has not been used since refurbishing as car was sold before the mount arrived. So the polyurethane is 100% new and unused. Also email proof of the refurbishing in screen clipping below.
2. Price: $80 USD OBO
3. Images: See below
4. Shipping Details: Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for local pick up or add $30 USD shipping to Canada wide and lower 48 states (Canada Post/USPS)
5. Contact Information: lidavid87 at gmail.com

IMG_20191223_050131 resize.jpg

email proof.jpg

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